Questions to Ask to a Cleaning Service Company

Choosing a suitable cleaning service company is not easy. There are a lot of things you can feel unsure about. How can you be sure, for example, that the company will provide you with a truly professional, reliable, and suitable maid? 

Questions to Ask to a Cleaning Service Company

The answer lies in how you know how to ask a company of your choice properly and smartly, and today Kiidu, a leading provider of cleaning service, shares with you a set of essential and helpful questions you can use to ask a cleaning provider and find out if it is truly your choice.

1. What cleaning services or types of chores are you offering? 

Not all cleaning service providers offer the same types of chores and even define a scope of a certain chore similarly. Just because one provider offers laundry, for example, does not mean that another similarly offers too.

Some cleaning service providers may choose to focus only on their areas of expertise and experiences, opting for one or two types of chores only while others could aim to provide a one-stop service, covering more types of chores. 

At Kiidu, for example, apart from standard cleaning services including cleaning and mopping, our maids are fully trained to complete other special household chores including cooking, ironing, and even taking care of pets, too. 

One of the most crucial things you must do when looking for a cleaning service, in other words, is to first decide what you need cleaned in your house and look for a company that offers you that exact type of cleaning. 

2. How are you offering your service? On-demand, full-time, part-time or occasional? Is there a live-in or a -live-out service?

How a company offers its cleaning services is as important as what cleaning services it offers. Some companies may offer only a full-time and part-time cleaning service while others, such as Kiidu, may be able to provide you with a more variety: on-demand, full-time, part-time, occasional, and even a live-in and a live-out service type.

A live-in maid is a maid hired to help with all your household chores and reside in your home on a daily basis while a live-out maid is a maid similarly hired to help with all your household chores but resides elsewhere.

Decide how frequently you need a cleaning and then look for one that can most meet your frequency demands. If it is just once per week or per month, an occasional maid could be enough, but if you want her or him there daily and even constantly, there is no better choice than hiring a full-time (and even a live-in) one.

3. How experienced and reliable are your maids? How can I be sure that a maid is competent, responsible, and trustworthy?

A good and reliable cleaning service company must be able and glad to demonstrate to you not just its mission or passion but its systematic recruitment and management to find and deliver a competent and trustworthy maid. 

A competent and high-quality maid often comes from a company heavily investing in its training program.

At Kiidu for example, our cleaners receive regular cleaning training by professional trainers, and because at the heart of cleaning service lies customer satisfaction and customer service, we greatly emphasize on training our cleaners to be polite, sincere, responsible and respectful to people of any cultures and backgrounds.

Our cleaners have passed background checks. Customers worrying about the current COVID-19 circumstances can request a further medical check-up too but are responsible for such an additional fee.

4. Is your maid speaking English (or any other languages)?

Are you looking for an English speaking maid or a maid fluent in multiple languages? If that so, don’t forget to ask your maid service company if your maid can speak your language. Many of our cleaners, for example, can speak multiple languages such as English, Japanese, etc. 

5. Is your maid speaking English (or any other languages)?

It does happen. Sometimes even a maid can fail you in any ways possible despite his/her experiences and expertise.

If this is your concern, it is important that you know beforehand what shall occur and what you can do if somehow you are not satisfied with your selected maid.

At Kiidu, for example, should you find your selected maid’s performance unsatisfactory and wish for a new one, we are more than happy to provide you with alternative candidates for you to interview, select, and hire your new suitable one.

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