Monthly Maid: How to manage your home like a pro (A guide for busy expats)

How to manage your home like a pro
What is a Monthly Maid
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Juggling kids, chores and work can be overwhelming and it may take a toll on you, causing you to frequently feel tired, stressed or irritated. More often, it could also affect your quality of life so that instead of spending quality time with your spouse and kids, you may have to clean, do laundry, or do other housework during your free time from work. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way to manage your home like a pro, and this is where a monthly maid can help you.

What is a Monthly Maid

A reliable monthly maid is someone who is experienced in doing a wide variety of household tasks from as simple as sweeping or vacuuming the floor to doing the laundry, cooking, and running errands among others.

She can take care of many household responsibilities you are unable to do so because of physical limitations or time constraints. The right maid can also work without constant supervision. 

A monthly maid typically works full-time for an employer on either a live-in or live-out arrangement. Some maids are paid a monthly salary while others are paid depending on the number of hours they worked for. Although maids are focused on household chores, some of them can do nanny duties when they are done with their primary tasks.

6 Ways to Manage Your Home with the Help of a Maid

Managing a home is a 24/7 job. If you think of all the things that you need to do daily such as preparing meals, cleaning, organizing, feeding your pets, and taking care of kids, all these can easily consume your day.

If you don’t have a plan or system in place, you may end up not accomplishing as much as you would want to. That is why we came up with these 5 practical tips to help you effectively and efficiently manage your home.

1. Hire an experienced and trustworthy maid.

This is a crucial step if you want to be successful in managing your home with the help of a maid. Find someone with years of experience in the job and someone you can trust. While anybody can claim they can keep your home in order, not all are trustworthy. 

At Kiidu, all our maids undergo background checks to ensure that they have never been involved in theft and other criminal activities before. Apart from that, they are also versatile and can tackle different responsibilities. Some of our maids can even help take care of kids.

2. Map out all the tasks, to-do’s, and daily Responsibilities that you need to Accomplish

Having a list of all the responsibilities that you and your maid need to complete or do daily can help you organize your time and priorities. Discuss with your maid your expectations so she can clearly understand what is expected of her.

For example, if there are tasks that she should do on her own and tasks that you need help with, make sure that that is clear from the very start. This could help avoid conflicts and promote cooperation in doing various responsibilities.

3. Encourage your family to work together for a clean home

It takes hours to thoroughly clean a home but just a few minutes to put it in disarray especially if you have small children. If you will not set rules about maintaining cleanliness, chances are everybody will take it lightly. Setting simple rules such as shoes-off inside the house, clean-as-you-go, and pick after your mess can be useful. 

Furthermore, if you have bigger kids, it’s a good idea to get them involved in cleaning the home. For example, you could assign them to clean during weekends. When they realize the efforts needed to clean, they will also appreciate and value your house rules on cleanliness.

4. Equip your maid with the right tools and equipment for more efficient work.

Consider investing in special tools or equipment that can make your housework easier and faster. Examples of common household tools are multifunctional vacuum cleaners, smart washing machines, dishwashers, and multifunctional cookers among others. If you already have them, train your maid on how to use them. 

5. Be consistent.

When you have already started managing your home the right way, be consistent in doing it. It can be challenging at first but over time it will become a normal routine for you and your family.

Consistency instills discipline and it helps you become more aware of what you are doing. You need to be consistent if you want to see some improvements or good results.

6. Reward your maid for a job well done.

Aside from a simple thank you or pat on the back for a job well done, reward your maid with something tangible like clothes, bags, accessories or movie tickets among others. Your gifts don’t have to be expensive.

This simple gesture can make your maid feel they are appreciated and valued. This can in turn help strengthen your relationship, allowing you to easily work together.


Home management is not an easy responsibility. It is also not something that you will just do for a week or a month. To many, this responsibility became their way of life. 

Managing your home the right way can make a huge difference in your life. It can give you a better quality of life, more peace of mind, and less stress. If you think you cannot do it alone, hire someone who can help. Contact us a Kiidu so we can help you find the right maid as soon as possible.

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